One for the bucket list – try bucket singing in Tradfest, Ireland
Fancy a song? Then pass the bucket

The Tradfest in Dungarvan, Ireland is notorious for the weird but wonderful tradition of bucket singing.

This long standing Waterford tradition involves place a galvanised bucket over your head before belting out a tune as demonstrated below…

Clip via valdonican

Who says you can’t carry a tune in a bucket?

Bucket singing had humble origins.

Organisers wondered how they would fill a Bank Holiday Monday programme – while scraping the bottom of the budget.

After hours of trying to outdo each other with unique event ideas, well you can see what the best brain buckets come up with.

Over the years it’s become a much-loved feature of the annual festival, attracting a huge, (and some might say, peculiar!) following.

It enjoyed an even greater revival in recent years following rumours that singing twins Jedward were keen to include the art in their bid for  Eurovision glory.

Until their hairdresser firmly quashed that plan!



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