April 28, SuperHero Day. You’re a budget superhero. What small inconvenience do you save people from?

Are these the superhero powers we need?

These budget superheroes won’t save the world, but they may save you from petty annoyances.

They won’t defeat evil, but they’ll fold sheets faster than they’ve ever been folded before.

They are definitely on the side of good (enough).

Some mediocre superpowers include:

I can interpret every captcha.

Captcha man will save you


Stopping people from stubbing their toes.

No more worries on this account


I can fold a fitted sheet.

Folding Sheet man will blow your mind.  Maybe.


I make everyone’s flash drives go in the right way the first time.

Never again! Never again!


Finding specific/lost things, like your car keys or your TV remote.

This feels so squishy


I stand outside the supermarket preemptively give people a quarter and take their carts back, so they don’t have to deal with the fear of interacting with a stranger who offers to trade them a quarter for their cart.

Take Grandma out first


I know which station everyone sitting on the train will get off at, so I can tell you who to stand in front of to be ready to get their place.

Him. No, him. No, her. Oh, doesn’t matter

Adding time to your parking meter.

Thank you, parking meter man


On SuperHero Day, what’s your superpower?


Via: Reddit

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