Christmas helpline for Monopoly, the “how to loose a friend in under 10 turns” game

According to a recent survey, 51 percent of Monopoly games end in a fight.

Luckily, this year, UK residents can solve a dispute by calling a Monopoly Helpline 08006894903. The helpline will open from December 24 to 26 if you need expert advice on issues like fake rules, poor sportsmanship, or stealing fake money.

According to the survey, the most common Monopoly arguments were due to people ‘making up the rules as they go along’, as well as winners gloating about their flush bank balance. Other top reasons were:

– Someone buying a property you want, even when they don’t need it

– People taking too long to take their turn

– Someone stealing from the bank

– Someone deliberately miscounting their move

– Who gets to be the banker

– The property auction process

– Choice over tokens

– What the rules of “Free Parking” are

So. Everything.

The only possible query remains – will the unfortunate people manning the helpline be paid in real or Monopoly money?

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