Can you guess the titles of favorite movies written as clickbait?

See if you guess what movies are by their clickbait titles, as suggested by Reddit:

Casinos hate these 11 men, find out why!

This little lion just can’t wait to be king. What happens next will leave you heartbroken!

Local farmer takes on the evil Empire.. AND WINS! You’ll never guess how he does it!

Why are all these people from all over the map coming together over this ordinary-looking ring? You won’t believe your eyes!

Black man freed slaves and kicks white ass!!!! MUST WATCH!!! (Rare footage)

This Wall Street trader just did a fuck tonne of cocaine and he wants to share his secrets!

Nick Cage Spends The Entire Movie Acting Like Someone Took Nick Cage, Ground Him Up Along With 10 More Nick Cages, Boiled Him Down, And Injected It Into Nick Cage Who Thinks He’s A Vampire

17 Things Only Misunderstood and Troubled Kids In Love, Living On A Small New England Island, Who Run Away Pursued By Entire Commuity, Know To Be True

How to become a Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist in three easy steps!

This sinner just wants to know what’s in the box – you’ll never guess what it is!

15 reasons not to work on the Death Star, #2 will blow your mind, and it’s not related to Wamp Rats.

4 friends about to lose their homes to a golf course until they discover a pirate ship!

And yes, I get the irony of writing this.  But that irony only really works if I named it:

“This one change to your favorite movies will amaze you. ┬áThe one with Nicholas Cage is crazy!”


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