February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here are 17 small, meaningful acts of kindness

17 small acts of kindness on Randon Kindness Day

It’s not always the grandest gestures that move us the most.

1. When a high shool student spent months making 1,300 valentines for high school classmates.

Their message?


2. A 7-year-old girl wrote to Google, asking for a job

…and got this response


2. Chicago cop’s act of kindness toward a homeless man



3. A note left on a vending machine at a cancer hospital in Manchester asking people to help themselves to free treats.


4. Hockey player makes kid’s day.

A little kindness goes a long way


5. Strangers help refugee learn to skate in Ottawa


6. Fill-in School bus driver builds 10-year-old girl wheelchair ramp after seeing mom struggle

7. Single Utah mom dresses up as man to take child to father-son event


8. Turning 3 at evacuation shelter, boy gets birthday surprise


9. Scottish women knit jumpers for ‘discriminated-against’ unwanted dogs


10. A guilt-stricken thief returned stolen Christmas lights to a family with a handwritten apology


11. WestJet pilot buys food for stranded Air Canada passengers


12. Children at Mott Hospital get 93,600 valentines from 25 countries

13. 50$ generous tip by parents, in the memory of their lost child

 14. 92-year-old grandfather makes paintings for sick children

 15. Mailman builds ramp for aging dog so they can continue their sweet daily greeting

16. F1 champion Seb Vettel gets a drawing from a young fan


17. When a woman accidentally threw away $5000 cash for her mortgage, sanitation workers sifted through tons of trash to find it, refused a reward.

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