German forced into unpunctuality – front door turned into brick wall as he sleeps

A man in central Germany tried to leave his house by the front door only to find a brick wall there.  He had to tear down the wall to leave his property.

Unidentified perpetrators in Mainhausen near Offenbach had bricked it up during the night, police told local media.

It could have been built within minutes, they said, and the motive is unclear – possibly a joke, an act of revenge, or a bet.

A police statement said the man “must have felt like a Berliner in August 1961,” referring to East Germany’s unannounced sealing of its border with the Berlin Wall.

Police added that they were taking the issue seriously saying:  “It’s a crime and no joke.”

The mobile version of the brick wall happened last year in Hamburg:


brick wall


The crimin-walls were identified as an art group called  Taps & Moses.  Here’s a video of how they built the wall in the subway car.

Is this proof of memes about the Germans being obsessed with work?

When a door in Germany broke down

At the University of Mainz in 2015, an electric door broke down.  A sign appeared: “BROKEN. The technician has been informed”

The next day the door wasn’t fixed.  Another sign: “Technician also broken.”

And the meme floodgates opened.  Check out this video for how the situation escalated.



H/T: BBC News

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