Game of Thrones Chatbot- any good or a load of dothraki?

Maybe, on a long Winter night. (You know it’s coming).

I took 10 great fan questions (thanks, Gizmodo) and put them to the Game of Thrones Chatbot.

These were:

1) Why did the White Walkers ignore Sam?

2) Why has Tyrion never retaliated against Littlefinger for framing him for the attack on Bran?

3) How did Arya survive that stabbing?

4) Did the Warlocks just give up on getting revenge on Dany?

5) How did Melisandre stay young the first time her necklace came off?

6) Why didn’t the Night’s Watch mutineers try to burn Jon Snow’s body?

7) Where is Arya’s Dire Wolf Nymeria?

8) What was the opening credits astrolabe doing in the Citadel?

9) What makes Podrick a Sex God?

10) Why the hell did that one episode ended with a punk song?


The responses varied from:

(Q1) Who you like to know about, with a choice between Sam Tarly and White Walkers.

(Q2) Who you like to know about, with a Lannister, Stark and Baelish option.

For Q3, I was rather sniffily informed:

Arya Stark isn’t dead.


You get the idea.

Now, I realize that a Game of Thrones fan service won’t, probably can’t answer these deep questions.

That is what the, ahem, series is for.

(Here’s a thought more horrible than the White Walkers: we may never know)

Mind you, even simple questions like “Who is going to win the throne?”  got back:

Are you speaking dothraki? I have no idea what that means

As a Wiki, it works really well.

And ask it to tell you a joke.  It’s worth it.

But if the GoT Chatbot gave some sort of answer to the deeper questions, how amazing would that be.

That chatbot would sit on the (digital) throne.

And, Game of Thrones Chatbot, smartass answers: perfectly acceptable, by the way.

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