May 25, Geek Pride Day, Towel Day and the Glorious 25th of May. Do you know where your lilac towel is, Padawan?

Today is the geekiest, nerdiest day of the year. Must be Thursday, I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Today is not only Geek Pride Day.  It’s Towel Day and The Glorious 25th of May.

Don’t panic!

Towel Day honors Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy series.

A towel is the “most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have”.

You can use your towel to:

  1. Wave as a distress signal
  2. Soak and use as a weapon
  3. Cover your face against funes
  4. Hide from Bugblatters
  5. Use as a sail
  6. Small blanket
  7. Dry off

Just in case, soak one end of the towel in anti-depressants.

Today, make sure you’re a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is.

Happy towel day from our overlords



Can’t get your hands on a towel? Pretend to be one

Truth! Justice! Freedom! Reasonably Priced Love

It’s the anniversary of The People’s Revolution of the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May

In  Terry Pratchett’s Night Watchsurvivors honored the casualties with lilacs and one hard-boiled egg (from Madam Roberta Meserole).

After Pratchett went without the Luggage in 2015, people started wearing lilac more seriously on May 25th.

Instead of having to choose between Towel Day and the Glorious 25th, why not doff a lilac towel today?


Sir Pratchett and his lilac towel

May the Geek be with you

Geek Pride celebrates the exact same day that Star Wars— retroactively subtitled A New Hope— premiered in theaters.

AND this year is the 40th anniversary of the film’s premiere.

But “Star Wars” is only one part of the holiday.

The first Geek Pride Day celebrations included a live-action human game of Pac-Man.

Because of course.

Simon Pegg’s been in both Star Trek and Star Wars, so he should know.


For more than a decade, people have been celebrating May 25 as Geek Pride Day.


Have a smooch on Geek Pride Day


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