The hilarious Game of Thrones spin-offs you never knew you were dying to see

These are the ludicrous Game of Thrones spin-offs Reddit users came up with

Yesterday, Reddit GoT fans were asked to imagine ludicrous Game of Thrones spin-offs.

They came up with some gems. 104 responses so far….

What I would give to see ANY of these being pitched to a network.

The courtroom drama spin-off


This might get repetitive. Still brilliant though

Gregor Clegane, Attorney-at-Law
“Objection, your honor. The defense is badgering the witness.”

Every episode would end with The Mountain getting pissed off and slaughtering the entire courtroom.

The zany comedy spin-off


Coming this Summer !

One is a undead ice king that raises the dead…
One is a undead rapist kingsguard that pops heads like cherries…
The other is a undead scamp with a zany redhead sister…

Three zombies a girl and a pizza place!

The British comedy spin-off


This one even has a ready-made catchphrase

Fawlty Towers with Littlefinger in the John Cleese role and its one of his brothels instead of a hotel.

Hodor could be the bellhop and all our favorites would stop in from time to time for tomfoolery and such.

Catchphrase : “Just remember, don’t mention the-” “Hodor!”

The Cookery Show spin-off


Come Dine With Me: Westerosi

A cookery show hosted by Arya Stark and Hot Pie, guest starring Lothar Frey.

“And for her innovative use of spices in Frey Pie, I’m giving Arya an 8 out of 10.”

Alternatively, Arya Stark’s Kitchen Nightmares… It would probably actually give you nightmares.

The Cop Show spin-off


A gritty cop show starring Sandor Clegane as a ruthless and somewhat corrupt cop.

Arya Stark is his rookie protege, and Tywin Lannister is the chief he answers to.

Joffrey is the Mayor’s spoilt-ass kid who has cops on payroll and you’ve got a recipe for success.

The Pet Show spin-off


The Secret Life of Ser Pounce

Reminder : Ser Pounce is the pet cat owned by King Tommen Baratheon.

Season 4 is just Ser Pounce cleaning himself for 10 episodes.

The Political show spin-off


Littlefinger for Mayor

Littlefinger moves to Baltimore, where he becomes frustrated by the oppressive institutions of urban society.

He believes he can do a better job than the current mayor of reducing crime and giving the police the tools they need to win the war on drugs, so he runs for office.

However, as he rises to power he sacrifices his benevolent ambition to secure power, and he soon realizes that every institution in Baltimore, from police, to drug dealers, to dock workers, to schools, to media, is linked, and he is therefore powerless to change the city for the better.


Littlefinger portals to an early 2000’s Baltimore, where he decides to run for Mayor in order to fix the crime problems of the city.

He soon realizes the city is so entrenched in corruption the only way to keep the city running is to become corrupt himself.

Especially when the city has a rogue detective that would do ANYTHING to fund his takedown of a local kingpin that murders anyone who gives him a dirty look and throws their body in evacuated housing.

The Friends style spin-off


Friends recreation but Rachel is Illyn Payne

“So no-one told you life was gonna be this way.”

Mute Death glare set to clapping

The Reality Show spin-off


Real Housewives of Westeros

Throwing wine in each others’ faces and pulling hair.

Starring: Sansa, Lysa Arryn, Cersei, Margaery, and the Queen of Thorns herself.

The A-Team style spin-off


The Hound, Jaime, Bron and Arya form a new version of the A-Team to right the wrongs and fight for the weak.

Jaime clearly is “Face,” The Hound is “B.A.,” and Bron is probably “Murdoch.” Which makes Arya “Hannibal”.


Networks, are you’re listening? Please, please make any of these a reality.

If you want to alternate laughing until you hurt with “Hey wait, I would watch that!” read the full Reddit thread here.

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