‘Yuge’ This Year:Inflatable Trump Roosters made in China with golden mane,tiny wings

The 16-foot (five-metre ) inflatable poultry flaunt the distinctive golden mane of the US president-elect Trump and mimic his famous hand gestures with their tiny wings.

Factories in china are in a chicken race to keep up with the demand for a new brood.  A clutch of giant inflatable rooster balloons bear an uncanny resemblance to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

Yifang Inflatables, a factory in the city of Jiaxing, near Shanghai, began selling the inflatables after images of a large sculpture of a similar design outside a shopping center in the northern city of Taiyuan went viral on social media last month.

One  inflatables factory owner said that he wasn’t aware that an American designer had created the original, but added that:

“there are some differences in the facial expression. And that one is glass. Ours is inflatable.”


Seattle-based U.S. graphic artist Casey Latiolais, the original statue’s designer, said he was commissioned to produce something rooster-like but agreed there were some similarities.

“I can definitely say Mr. Trump has a lot of similarities in that he likes to tweet,” Latiolais said.

“And he also likes to tweet at or around sunrise, and if you take away the fact that roosters are kind of loud and self-absorbed, then I think you can start drawing similarities that way.”

Wei Qing, the owner of the Yifang inflatables factory, said they have already produced  30 of the inflatables, some of which are up to 65.6 feet (20 meters) in height, and all sporting quiffs of gold.

The inflatables range in size, and cost, with a six-foot ‘Trump’ rooster selling for $50, up to a 52-foot model for $5,300.


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