May 24, Escargot Day. Jeremy snail Shellebrity loses out in love triange

Like Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, Jeremy snail is a celebrity and on the wrong side of a love triangle.


If you think it’s awkward being a  lefty, spare a thought for Jeremy snail, whose sexy bits are on the left side of his head.

(The norm, for snails, is the right.)

The BBC reported in November that Jeremy had finally found love after an international appeal found Lefty from England.

He has a similarly-shaped shell.

Then a snail farmer from Majorca offered up Tomeu, another left-coiling snail.

While there was what one scientist described as “flirting” between the two, no lasting bond ensued.

Tomeu and Lefty got together instead!

To add insult to injury, they’ve produced about 170 eggs between them.

Jeremy the snail and one of the 170 babies that aren’t his. Right in the feel(ers)s. Screen capture from University of Nottingham video


“It’s like that thing where maybe you introduce your best friend to a girl you’re interested in” and they couple up, scientist Angus Davison told BBC radio.

Like many a dissed celebrity, Jeremy has taken to social media.  You can follow him @leftysnail.

While the crawl for love continues, Jeremy snail has become the “fun uncle,” per the Telegraph, playing with the new baby snails.






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