It’s March 24, Roommate Day. Here’s how this guy got creative and made viral art out of a messy roommate

Got a roommate who’s a slob on Roommate Day?  Stop complaining, get creative and make some art installations.

‘cheese knife’ which has been left unwashed on a kitchen surface. A ‘mixed media’ piece, priced at $500.

Most of us go the route of passive-aggressive sticky notes and desperate chore rotas when we have a bad roommate.

Comedian Justin Cousson decided to make his messy roommate into abstract art.

He created what he calls ‘passive-aggressive art gallery’ from his roommate’s shambles by giving them descriptions, titles and, of course, astronomical prices.

The shared gallery on Twitter has been liked more than 9,000 times.

In total, the “installation” contains more than 30 pieces spanning the living room, kitchen and laundry.

The estimated values (by Coulson) are between $500 and $6,000.


Sour cream-covered spoon in the sink has been valued at $3,400


Other features in the 30-plus-piece installment include “Bacon-grease soaked paper towel, forgotten in microwave with plate” and “Sour cream-covered spoon left in sink before leaving town for four days.”

Cousson told BuzzFeed his roommate is aware of and unhappy about the pieces but that hasn’t changed his behavior.

“He is not a fan especially of early pieces like ‘Television Left On For Hours (Nobody’s Watching Me)’,” he said.

“It’s a house of five people and the other four of us are much more considerate nowadays, lest we inspire more pieces”.


Shoes, which nearly made it to the shoe rack, valued at a staggering $650


knife left on the counter can be an artistic opportunity


This piece challenged viewer to posit the idea of a theoretical “couch without boxes”, metaphor for unmediated personal space


Midnight Snack


Justin originally valued this ‘forgotten milk left to actively go rancid’ at $700



As great art does, this piece appreciated over time


Via: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan

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