March 28, food on a stick day. Here’s 10 foods you never thought you’d find at the end of a stick

While you might think that sticks are the purview of popsicles, lollipops, and candy apples, there’s a ton of food that can be skewered. Here is just a small sampling of the snacks that can be stuck on the end of a stick.


 The next step beyond a corndog would naturally be to include the entire meal on a stick. This French Fry-coated Hot Dog wraps a wiener in potatoes after it is coated with a batter that glues everything together.


Head to the Wangfujing Night Market in Beijing and you can find some of the most inventive food in the world, from fried milk to fried scorpions on a stick. If that’s not to your liking, there’s tarantula on a stick as well.


Here is tiramisu on a stick, or a simply heavenly soft mascarpone mousse and white chocolate, resting on a Savoyard biscuit, wrapped in a chocolate glaze … on a lollipop stick.


This is a common “dare on a stick” at the Arizona State Fair. Mealworms actually make candy apples more nutritious — they are high in protein — and you can get a lot for a little: 500 live mealworms for about $21 at Bass Pro Shops.


You can find these in at least three shops in Copenhagen.


You can find this recipe here.  Not exactly a common food, but would definitely raise the bar for Father’s Day.  The same site does a great recipe for a bacon tie and mustache.


No matter how you’re eating your pizza—flat, folded, or with a fork—someone is probably going to have something to say about it. Silence the haters by eating pizza on a stick instead. Meaghan of the food blog The Decorated Cookie has a how-to guide for making mini-‘zas that sit right on sticks.


8. Spamsicles

A deep-fried slice of Spam on a stick has been featured at more than one fair over the years.

A recipe posted on BigOven takes a different approach, using gelatin, water, popsicle molds, and a blender or food processor to create a “Spam slurry” that freezes into something resembling a Fudgsicle.



Who else but Paula Deen could come up with a way to eat stuffing on a stick? Like any stuffing, it can be made with a number of different ingredients, but Deen’s recipe leans on sausage and spice.


This is called Spiropapas, Rotato, or a Potato Tornado.


Too healthy for you?  Put a hot dog in the middle!



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