My dog was shaved, not trimmed and other ridiculous police emergency calls

Police have revealed some of the most pointless emergency calls they’ve received in the United Kingdom and want people to think before they dial. Some “emergency” calls include someone looking for a lift and another person asking what time local betting shops close.

Here are extracts from 12 jaw-dropping 999 calls made to police this year:

‘I am [at] Heathrow and I have left one of my bags in a taxi?’

‘I have seen a fox walking outside the window and I wanted to report it in case it’s dangerous.’

‘Basically, I’m in N8 and I’m trying to get home to Finsbury Park and I don’t have any money on me for a taxi – I want police to come and pick me up and take me home…’

‘My mum put a deposit down on a fridge freezer and they haven’t delivered it – they keep changing the delivery date…’

‘I’m lost and I’m looking for a building that I can’t find, can you tell me where it is?’

‘I sent back my headphones because they are faulty and the manufacturer said they haven’t received them…’

‘There was a bird in the store but it’s ok, someone has removed it now…’

‘I want to report that I have lost my driving licence…’

‘I have a dispute, I took my dog to be groomed and they shaved him instead of trimming him.’

‘There is a cat following me down the road and it keeps hissing…’

‘What time do the betting shops close in N18?’

‘Can you give me the number for the non-emergency police?’

H/T: Metro

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