Pokémon Go real monsters – amazing animals people have found while playing Pokémon Go

Will people start identifying new species through Pokémon Go? If so, we may finally have species with cool names, like the Charizard bee species earlier this year

The idea of dicovering Pokémon Go real species is not that far-fetched. Just a few days ago, a snail species that hadn’t been seen for 100 years was photographed in Vietnam. Last year a 10-year-old girl photographed a bird called the social flycatcher in California, the first time that species had been seen in the state.

Consider the millions of indoor-type people suddenly venturing outside to catch Pokémon, sometimes winding up in very odd places.

As millions of users scour the earth for made-up creatures, many players are stumbling across entirely real ones, too.

For players who come across actual critters during their crusade to catch ‘em all, insect taxonomist Morgan Jackson created the hashtag #PokeBlitz, where scientists help people identify photos of wildlife.

Go on, have a go at finding these Earth Pokémon. You have a good chance. Instead of 150 species, we have 1 million.

Here are some of the real-life discoveries so far :

What type of real Pokémon is this? Oh, it’s a Heron

Pokémon Go Player dicovers weird “real bird”

Pokémon Go real bird joins Battle

Hunt turned into Pokémon Go real long-leg ass bird hunt

One’s a Brown Pelican! And one’s a Pidgey

Be careful what Pokémon you look for – you might find the Pokémon Go real version!

Found any real-life monsters? We’d love to know.



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