The original Star Trek First Contact was super-kitschy Renaissance time-travel
Prithee, Borg

The original Star Trek First Contact was super-kitschy Renaissance time-travel.

The Borg go back in time to stop Data being a renaissance painter?

Rick Berman’s original idea for First Contact was that the Enterprise would go back to the Renaissance era.

The plural-defying Borg base their HQ in a castle dungeon.

In the climax, the Enterprise crew storm the castle.

They swing swords and bows instead of phasers and bat’leths.

A side story focused on Data being Leonardo DaVinci’s apprentice…

(An idea that wouldn’t go away; it was recycled for a Star Trek Voyager episode.)

Luckily, Patrick Stewart refused to wear tights. Not the main reason, but still… 

With the Renaissance hooey out of the way, Moore and Braga turned to a different idea.

Instead of using time travel to explore the audience’s past, they used it to explore the audience’s future.

Their idea focused on the Borg invading Earth, circa 2063.

The Borg want to stop Zefram Cochrane from creating the warp drive system and testing it; this event initiates first contact with the Vulcans.

Specifically first contact on April 5th, 2063.

Their film would essentially witness and explore the birth of Star Trek.

To celebrate First Contact Day, may we recommend some whiskey and cheese perogies, Zefram Cochrane’s favorite food?



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