These are our Top 10 least-loved emojis and why

Emoji – we love ’em. The celebrity ones. The celebrity ones where the celebrity doesn’t understand emojis. Emoji for dissing celebrities.Sports star emoji. Mum emoji complete with post-partum mesh underwear. The gun controversy emoji. The $300 Banana Emoji sweatshirts.

There’s even an emoji creation story. And yes, the people saw that the emoji was good.


According to, these are the most-loved emoji:

? Shrug
? Face With Tears of Joy
❤ Heavy Black Heart
? Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯ Olympic Rings
? Smirking Face
? Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes
? Face Throwing a Kiss
? Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes

I bet you guessed most of them.

But what about the lost, abandoned, sad emoji that are difficult to use in an ordinary conversation? Aerial tramway, anyone?

Jason Snell, in an admittedly dark mood, decided to scientifically hunt down the least used emoiji.

Here’s the result : the top 10 least-loved emojis.

10. Pager Emoji


Pager is the perfect ironic emoji! It symbolizes a technology that reached its peak before we all had mobile phones – on which to use emoji.

The iemoji website uses over 60 words to try and explain the pager concept to millenials (Most emoji get allotted 10 to 20 words).

The pager handily stands in for for other objects on Twitter.

Tweets featuring the Pager emoji :

An ipad? Well, maybe

Translated from Malay :
Bestnyee boy Nice in one local umk dpt ipad ?

9. Lock with Ink Pen


From the “what-were-they-thinking” department comes Lock with Ink Pen.

People on Twitter seem to agree.

Emojipedia speculates that it relates to key signing, a term used in digital security.

Tweets featuring the Lock With Ink Pen emoji :

This tweeter succeeded in using it in a sentence

8. Oncoming Taxi

taxi emoji

There’s already a Taxi emoji which gets most of the love.

Though the oncoming one features in quite a few emoji fortunes (right at the end).

Tweets featuring the Oncoming Taxi emoji :

7. Light Rail

Light Rail Emoji

Not a train, tram, suspension railway or monorail, this emoji seems to fall into no man’s land.

Tweets featuring the Light Rail emoji :

This tweeter jumps at a chance to use it

6. Card Index

card index emoji

The emojipedia describes this as “Commonly used for displaying contacts, and their contact details”.

Before computers and cell-phones, that is.

Tweets featuring the card index emoji:

This tweeter is now complete

5. Monorail

monorail emoji

You probably know the monorail from Disneyland, Las Vegas or that episode of “The Simpsons”.

Not even tourists who are actually on it seem to use the emoji.

Probably because they don’t know a monorail emoji is a thing!

Tweets featuring the monorail emoji:

Or it can be a robot tripod hug

4. Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag

open mailbox lowered flag emoji

There are four different emojis for mailboxes, so the box can be open or closed and the flag can be raised or lowered.

Why this is so may forever be a mystery.

Tweets featuring the Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag emoji :

This tweeter used it in an emoji resume

3. Aerial Tramway

arial tramway emoji

An aerial tramway basically takes you up the side of a mountain or to the far side of the zoo.

So, not a huge amount of uses…

Tweets featuring the Arial Tramway emoji :

2. Mountain Cableway


Apparently, there’s also a Mountain Cableway.

Not sure how the Mountain Cableway is different from an Aerial Tramway.


Tweets featuring the Mountain Cableway emoji :

Well said

1. Suspension Railway


Of the 12 – yes, 12 ! -transportation emoji, the Suspension Railway is the least popular.

It’s suspended from the top, like the Aerial Tramway and Mountain Cableway. It’s a light railroad, like the Light Rail. It’s on a single track, like the Monorail! And… nobody cares.

Check out every emoji being used in real-time here.

Maybe show a little love to our top 10 least-loved emojis.

If you see some cool new uses for our scorned emojis, please let us know.

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