Weird and wonderful ways people have used kinder surprise eggs

In 1974, a chocolate company had a simple problem: What to do with Easter Egg modules the rest of the year?  The answer?  Kinder surprise.

Around 40 billion kinder surprise eggs have been sold in over 70 countries where kids can enjoy Easter every day.

While a kinder surprise eggs consists of a delicious milk chocolate egg with a white chocolate interior lining, the chocolate isn’t what makes it special. Within this candy shell lurks a surprise toy (safely encased in plastic with at least two paper warnings). The toys are updated with limited editions like the Christmas collection complete with baby Jesus.

The toys have adult fans who collect the tiny cars and other easily assembled toys. Especially passionate fans even collect the instruction manuals!

But other people have used kinder eggs in eggstremely surprising ways (sorry).  Here are a few egg-centric highlights:

Worse than egg on your face

Two English brothers smuggled $50,000 worth of drugs inside kinder surprise eggs stuffed up their bottoms. According to The Sun, Sean, 23, and James Kenny, 21, were arrested by cops at a train station. The eggs were “discharged”, containing 250g of heroin, or “smack”, and cannabis.

Judge Ian Lawrie QC, who sentenced the pair said both put their lives at risk through the operation.

Addressing James he said that, had the drugs leaked,

“he would [first] have bounced off the stratosphere mentally and then he would be dead”.

Judge Lawrie sentenced Sean to four years imprisonment and told James: “You really are an idiot” Noting James had no previous involvement with the criminal justice system, no drug addictions or drug debts, he ordered him to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and pay a £100 victim surcharge.

Question remains, did they make the toys in the middle?

New meaning to “Kinder Surprise”

A joker filmed the whole kinder surprise prank. His footage began with him opening the kinder egg. He removed the toy and then cracked a real egg before filling the chocolate snack with it.
He then reattached the Kinder chocolate so it looked normal as the egg swished around inside.

The prankster carefully transported the egg outside for his unsuspecting friend. He offered the snack and his friend gleefully accepted. But when he bit the egg, he immediately gagged and yolk dripped down his face.

Build your own tiny groom

A blogger revealed how her husband popped the question by planting a ring inside a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.

The plastic capsule included detailed instructions for how to build him, complete with cut-and-paste face, so that he was bended on one knee with sparkling diamond in-hand.

The whole idea took several months to come together – but only because Matthew also designed the ring. A week before the ring was ready, he began on his drawings for the instructions.

The assembly itself took mere hours. And five minutes for him to eat the evidence of failed drafts.

Surprise Egg Videos Craze

Hundreds of people make a crazy amount of money by filling plastic eggs with toys and then making YouTube videos of themselves opening them up.

Picture this: In a YouTube video, a bunch of plastic eggs appear on screen against a wall in what is clearly someone’s basement.

A pair of disembodied hands enters the frame, and begins cracking open the eggs, one by one, while a disembodied voice narrates the contents — toys, candy, trinkets.

These videos are confusing until you see that they have over 10 million views.

Jessica Alba and kinder eggs

Jessica Alba buys surprise kinder eggs from all the different countries she visits because her children are obsessed with the candy.

In an interview with the New York Times newspaper, she shared: “I’m not really into souvenirs like T-shirts, but I do like buying local products a destination is known for, like sake when I was in Japan. And, when I’m travelling internationally and don’t have my kids with me, I buy them Kinder Eggs, which they are obsessed with.”

Contraband in the U.S.

An Eastern Townships man was stunned to find that the Kinder Surprise eggs he bought as gifts in Canada were considered illegal contraband once he crossed the United States border.

The border officer told Hebert the chocolates weren’t allowed in the U.S., not even in an American trash can — he had walk to the Canadian side of the border to throw them away.

“When I got to the Canadian side, they weren’t surprised,” Hebert said.

In a last ditch effort to save the chocolates, Hebert tried giving them way.

“I offered the eggs to the Canadian agents but they’re not allowed to take anything.”

Hebert’s Kinder Surprise eggs eventually landed in a trash can on Canadian soil.

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