Women post hilarious pictures of boxes that show how they really feel every month

Reddit user Trees_like_a_Boss posted this picture with the title “I opened this box and now it looks very annoyed”.  Looks like his face is relatable every month.

Even boxes look annoyed at this time of month.

Credit : u/Trees_like_a_Boss

You’re putting me where?

Credit : /u/jgstate1

Not happy to see you either, sir

Creidt : u/hobbesicle

Ugh. Typical box openers.

Credit : u/cass2711wasstilltaken


Credit : u/BistroSkipper

Cardboard boxes are not good people

Credit : u/48_65_6c_6c_6f_0d_0a

Evil twins?

Credit : u/TheTrueFlexKavana

But hey!

Credit : /u/forest-fox


It gives me hope for Reddit, to see a woman’s post on the front page (and such a woman’s post!).

But, you know, why shouldn’t it be there?

This is funny.  Period.


Head over to Reddit and check out the entire post.  Yes, you’ll laugh your ass off.  But there’s also great, honest advice on pads/Tampax/menopause and the whole bloody lot.

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