Bronx Zoo offers to name cockroaches after loved or not-so-loved ones for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says love like naming a cockroach

New York’s Bronx Zoo is offering Valentine’s Day revelers the chance to name cockroaches after their beloved — or their be-hated.

The zoo announced the start of its annual Valentine’s Day tradition of allowing members of the public to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after their loved ones, or not-so-loved ones.


Started in 2011, the annual attraction has had more than 11,000 roaches named — all in the name of love, and the environment.

The naming, which comes with a digital certificate, costs $10, but there are also packages including chocolates and cuddly plush roaches (!) available for $35-$50.

“No significant other? No problem. Honor relationships past (or cement their place in history). Whether the gesture is spicy or sweet we promise not to judge,” the zoo said.

People get creative too, naming a roach after political candidates, celebrities and other public figures.

A YouTube video created to promote the “Name a Roach” event imagines cockroaches using a familiar looking smartphone app called Wilder.


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