A 1950’s TV show had a Trump who wanted to build wall, sell meteorite deflecting umbrellas

Did the 1950s western TV series ‘Trackdown’ predict a character named Trump who claimed he would build a wall in order to protect a town from the end of the world?

Snopes.com confirms that the television series Trackdown really did produce an episode featuring a “Trump” character who came to town claiming that only he could prevent the end of the world by building a wall (and also sold special force propelling umbrellas to deflect meteorites). The episode (S1, E30) aired on CBS in 1958 and was titled “The End of the World,” featuring actor Lawrence Dobkin playing the role of “Walter Trump.”

Here’s a portion of the episode:

Narrator: The people were ready to believe. Like sheep they ran to the slaughterhouse. And waiting for them was the high priest of fraud.

Trump: I am the only one. Trust me. I can build a wall around your homes that nothing can penetrate.

Townperson: What do we do? How can we save ourselves?

Trump: You ask how do you build that wall. You ask, and I’m here to tell you.

Via Snopes

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