Cheeky health and safety office guide to surviving vampires, zombies and evil robots

This is way more interesting than your usual health and safety manual

Viking recently distributed a health and safety guide to prepare you for ALL potential office hazards including

Evil Robots


Lava Flood


Classic Vampire Attack


And Cats finally organising and taking over the World


The HR department at Viking had the strange idea that staff don’t always read through health and safety guidelines. So they secretly slipped the above fun scenarios into a batch.

It lead to maybe the first instance of everyone in an office discussing health and safety guidelines for fun.

By the way, anyone notice the people in the guide are the worst co-workers ever?

Thankss to Viking for their safety guide here.

Can you think of any more apocalyptic office-type scenarios? Leave a comment below.

Siobhan O’Shea is a freelance writer. She writes about pretty much everything but especially likes to bring readers’ attention to new tech, marketing, human behavior, and other oddities.