Entire east side of country obscured by tv weather forecaster

“Stop standing in front of East Iceland, dear weather forecasters”

Some Icelanders are so tired of a tv weather forecaster blocking their home that they created a Facebook group called “Stop standing in front of East Iceland, dear weather forecasters”.

“Scattered suit and white shirt east the next day,” predicted one viewer after another frustrating weather forecast above.

A Back-to-basics solution was suggested to deal with the issue:

Or perhaps a Weather forecaster dressed in green:


“You’d hardly know it’s cold by the way they dress”

Iceland isn’t alone in vexing tv weather forecasters.  This arrow pointing out Ireland on the national Irish tv station caused a bit of a furor.


One viewer was particularly mortified over it as he had relatives from abroad visiting.

At this stage I have to ask…. What is the story with the labelling of Ireland on weather maps on the weather forecast on rte?? Why after all these years do people suddenly think that we have become a nation of morons who don’t know what our country looks like???! Is this an RTE thing or a Met Eireann thing? Either way, it’s absolutely ridiculous and rather embarrassing! I had English relatives staying with me last week and they were in stitches at the thought that we needed to have our country pointed out to us. I’m sure there’s some genius behind this but I can tell you I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t think it’s stupid!
Other Irish complaints have included weather forecasters who are simply too glamorous.  A perceived Dublin bias had one complainant claiming Dubliners should have to “pay for their own rubbish forecast themselves”.


Here’s the classic response from the “too glamour-oriented” weather forecaster:

“I had to quickly jump ship”

Earlier this month, BBC Radio 4 weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker had to leave his live broadcast of the shipping forecast to be sick.  This is the first time that a presenter has failed to finish a broadcast in 91 years.  During the broadcast, which went out at 5.20am, he could be heard saying: “Mull of Kyntyre to Cape Wrath southerly or southerly five or four… excuse me…”

The BBC South-East weather presenter took to Twitter a few hours later to let everyone know he was doing okay, confirming he had to step away to be sick.  It’s been speculated that Tomasz was suffering a hangover – a likely explanation the morning after the BBC South-East Christmas party.

It’s not the first time Schafernaker has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons:

  • In 2010, he stuck his middle finger up at a breakfast show presenter without realizing he was on camera at the time.
  • He once stumbled over his words and forecast a ‘muddy sh**e’ for the Glastonbury festival when he meant ‘muddy site’.
  • He was forced to apologize in 2007 after referring to the Outer Hebrides in the Western Isles of Scotland as ‘nowheresville.’

“watch football naked with my lady and a bottle of wine”

All of this pales before the awesome “Hangover” style exploits of John Bolaris,  one-time weather forecaster at Philadelphia Fox affiliate WTXF .

In Miami Beach, he was seduced and drugged (twice) by two European women.  Days later, his credit card company called to report he had charged more than $43,000 on alcohol, expensive food and an absurd painting of a woman’s head.

Later, the weatherman mentioned to Playboy that one of his favorite pastimes was to ‘watch football naked with my lady and a bottle of wine.’  He added: ‘Then, the next morning, make breakfast for her, turkey Hot Pockets with egg whites in the microwave’.  Fox promptly fired him.

In 2015, Bolaris announced that for a mere $500 a month, he was offering a “concierge weather service” that would phone, mail and text clients weather forecasts seven days a week, at the times of their choosing.

For a timeline of his legendary exploits, check here.


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