A CT Scan of a koala inspired the best koalaty puns

Reddit user Roentgenographer shared an image of a Koala having a CT Scan.  How many puns can a koala bear?


10.  Are you koalafied to do so? (by thatonegirl127)

9.  I will be soon if you bear with me (by Roentgenographer)

8. Then stop slothing around on Reddit and do some work! (by The_WarriorPriest)

7. He’ll be back after a small paws (by stevenmc)

6. Jesus, how many puns can a koala bear? (by geared4war)

5. This is kangaroo court! (by Rude_Information)

4. koala-ity care (by NightOfTheLivingHam)

3. The koalas are adorable.  It’s the drop bears you gotta watch out for (by decoy321)

2. Did you have a koalaty time? (by Not_a_real_ghost)

1. Koawwla. (by Obeciate)


koala is bearing down well after her ordeal.




Source:  Reddit


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