Donald Trump threatens caterpillar, calls him a “fake trump”

The flannel moth caterpillar (Megalopyge opercularis) sports fluffy, orange tufts that look suspiciously similar to Donald Trump’s hair. For obvious reason, researchers have dubbed it the “Trumpapillar”.

Trump called the caterpillar a “failing piece of larva,” and said it would “suffer the consequences” for imitating the president-elect.

He ended the press cocoon-ference minutes later.

So, I found Donald Trumps Hair in the jungle the other day.

Despite the critter’s fluffy and adorable appearance, close contact with the Trumpapillar can be extremely irritating and even painful. That’s because it’s covered with so-called urticating hairs similar to those found on tarantulas.

“The hairs have little spines or little hooks on them that just go into your skin and irritate your skin and make you itch really bad,” wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer said.  “Those spines have hypodermic needles in them that can inject venom, and it’s extremely painful,” causing raised welts and extreme pain for about a day, he said.

Pro tip: next time you see something that looks like Donald Trump’s hair, don’t touch it.

And that’s not yellow journalism.

Via LiveScience

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