You asked for a Harry Potter version of PokémonGo – HarrypotterGO

Here’s the really crappy version

Apologies in advance for this. You did ask.

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A lot.

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I think you really, really want HarrypotterGO

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So we spent a week crafting a painstaking, professional Harry Potter Pokemon Go mashup masterpiece: HarrypotterGO.

Oh alright, an hour on a computer with a graphics editor.

Here are some of the (pretty bad) but fun results!


Sucking the soul out of carparks everywhere.


Powerful magical objects

Great, 7 Horcruxes to find!


Magical Beasts

Might be a good time to remember that music always sends Fluffy to sleep.


Magical Monsters

Dobby IS a little magical monster.


The Sorting Hat

Made its way home to Diagon Alley.


Horribly edited images aside, just imagine the awesome possibilities of a HarrypotterGO :

Find magical creatures, artifacts and potions


Collect spells


Not to mention getting sorted, dodging dementors and duelling with your enemies.

J.K. Rowling would have to be under a Muffliato Charm not to hear the sounds of clambering Harry Potter fans.

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