April 1st, International Pillow Fight Day. Images of Feathered Fun all over the world

April 1st was International Pillow Fight Day. Due to escalating tensions in the world, it ended with two nations threatening to use the nuclear option.

Just kidding.

The annual international pillow fight played out across the world offering the opportunity to bash a couple of strangers on the street and get away with it.

The thrilling, yet safe event took place on April, 1.

It attracted hundreds of grown-ups apparently willing to blow off some steam and act like a kid for a change.

London, UK Pillow Fight


Milan, Italy Pillow Fight


Amsterdam, Netherlands Pillow Fight


Helsinki, Finland Pillow Fight


Japan Pillow Fight


Bucharest, Romania Pillow Fight


Nicosia, Cyprus Pillow Fight


Budapest, Hungary Pillow Fight


Vienna, Austria Pillow Fight


Copenhagen, Denmark Pillow Fight



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