Dare to do a psychological assesment of Game of Thrones Characters

How does 10-year-old Lady Mormont of Game of Thrones match up to developmental milestones?
Standard developmental expectations about girls aged 10-12 are that they become more mature in their thinking and reasoning. Though they still need parental support and security, and value and respect parents’ opinions, some children may begin to show irritation at adult-imposed restrictions. Many children enjoy activities such as drawing, painting, sewing or playing musical instruments.

Let’s look at 10-year old Lady Mormont, shall we? This 10-year-old hangs out with 2 old guys. She makes up her own mind about everything. Her family is dead, mostly violently in battle. She enjoys activities such as drawing blood, painting in her enemies vital fluids, sewing open wounds and playing her advisors like flutes!


Developmental stage 1 : Experience more peer pressure


Developmental stage 2 : Begin to see the point of view of others more clearly


Developmental stage 3 – Start to form stronger, more complex friendships and peer relationships.


Developmental stage 4 : They should now be ready to learn to cross the street alone and may undertake simple journeys unaccompanied.

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Developmental stage 5 – Mood swings can change a mostly happy-go-lucky child into one who is sometimes moody or ill-tempered.


Developmental stage 6 – may begin to show irritation at adult-imposed restrictions.

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