April 27, Morse Code Day. A cheeky message in morse code wraps a skatepark in Norway

This Oslo skatepark is covered in morse code for the law forbidding the use, sale, and advertising of skateboards.

Norway banned skateboarding between 1978 – 1989 because it was “too dangerous”.

So the architects got cheeky, wrapping the entire 1978 law around this new skatepark – in morse code.

When the ban was lifted in 1989, interest exploded.

Skateboarders went from being lawbreakers to celebrities and youth idols.

The skating community is involved in daily operations and was invited to the skatepark design workshops

The morse code symbols in the interior are slang terms for skating tricks!

Looks like it was built by shipbuilders… Vikings anyone?

Norway is enviably good at untraditional activities for young people.

These include e-sport events, skating tournaments or street art gatherings.

For a really dangerous sport, check out Norway’s world championship in belly flops.


For more beautiful images of the skatehall, click here.


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