How many people can you fit in one soap bubble? 274 students and a car

Participants had to be taller than 156 centimeters (5 ft 1 inch) to fulfill the Guinness Record soap bubble conditions.


A Czech bubble artist surrounded 275 high school students and a car with a single soap-bubble screen on Wednesday, breaking the national record.

Matej Kodes defeated his own 2014 Guinness World Record for “most people inside a soap bubble”, which at that time stood at 214.

He’s forever blowing bubbles breaking records.  Here are some:


  • The most people closed into a soap bubble (214)
  • The most cars closed into a soap bubble (3 VW Passat cars)
  • The biggest flying soap bubble in the world
  • The biggest car and the biggest object in a soap bubble
  • The longest bubble tunnel in the world (24,1)
  • The most tigers in a bubble (5 tigers a 4 animal keepers)
  • The longest bubble chain (28 bubbles )
  • The longest bubble chain made by the hands only (14 bubbles )
  • The most bubbles in a bubble (58)
  • The most people calling from a cell phone in a bubble in an hour (341)
  • The most people with bubble blower (1386)

Paging Mr. Bublé.

Via Yahoo

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