There’s a new Game of Thrones themed beer to get through the long winter. I’ll take mine with fire and blood.

The new Game of Thrones themed beer, Valar Dohaeris, literally means “All Men Must Serve”

beer on throne

Fans of the hit HBO show chose the name and style of the beer in a facebook poll. is full name is Valar Dohaeris Tripel Ale.

In true Game of Thrones style, Valar Dohaeris : “All men must serve” is the typical response to Valar Morghulis : “All men must die”.

This new tripel ale “pays homage to Arya’s season-long struggles within and around the House of Black and White”.

The bloody coin on the bottle, by the way, represents the “two- headed” coin given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar, which gained her passage to Braavos at the end of Season four.

All men must die; all beers must serve

“When we got a sense of the season’s key plot points, we knew right away Valar Dohaeris was the new beer name and that bringing back Valar Morghulis was a must,” says Bill Wetmore, General Manager and Marketing Director for Brewery Ommegang. “And I think HBO’s fantastic idea to have the gift pack mimic the House of Black and White is really going to be a hit with fans. It looks killer and I think fans are going to scoop them up pretty quickly for gifts or for their own collections.”

Taste of Thrones

Valar Dohaeris is 9% ABV, and is brewed with pils, wheat, oats, and flaked barley, and hopped with noble hops.

They also throw some candi sugar in during brewing, resulting in a bright, sweet flavor.

Take a sip and chose your words wisely

Previous Games of Thrones themed beer include Iron Throne, Take the Black Stout, Fire and Blood, Valar Morghulis, Three-Eyed Raven and Seven Kingdoms.

How perfect that Ommegang is bringing back Valar Morghulis in conjunction with Valar Dohaeris.

Now your buddy can toast you with Valar Morghulis and you can respond in the appropriate Faceless Man way : Valar Dohaeris.

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