Warning: These ridiculous warnings may cause helpless giggling

Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery while checking out these ridiculous warnings and ahem…useful information.

My personal favorite warning label? “Wearing of this garment does not allow you to fly” on a superman costume.

Childhood? Crushed!


Small objects, like hard candies, may inadvertently become lodged in the throat.


This product not intended for use as a dental drill.

Shin pads can not protect any part of the body they do not cover.

Blade extremely sharp.  Keep out of children



Do not iron while wearing shirt



This is not a life-saving device



Do not use while sleeping



Do not pass while opposing traffic present.



Do not open or try on product



Warning: Children can drown in bucket



No posting of signs allowed



You may be at risk for throat cancer if you have a throat or a mouth



Remove child BEFORE washing



Secret Nuclear Bunker



Impassable during high water.


 Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.

 Shake well and buy often

Ingredients: carrots

Keep hairdryer away from water

Do not attempt to install if drunk, pregnant or both

Do not eat ipod shuffle

Do not put firecrackers in mouth

For best results, remove cap  

If you cannot speak English, do not use this product until the label has been fully explained to you

Never aim your pocketshot at people or animals, not even cats

Warning: Refill only with Kikkoman.

Not to be used for drying pets

 Warning: Do not drive with sunshade in place. Remove from windshield before starting ignition.

Just don’t do it

If you find any interesting warning or cautionary signage, do please share with us. Carefully.

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