#DOESITFART – smelly science answers your eye-watering questions

Conservation researcher Dani Rabaiotti was asked by a family member: do snakes fart?  You just know she’s the go-to for all family animal-related questions.When she didn’t know the answer, she took to Twitter to ask biologist David Steen at Auburn University:

Love the sigh. (Another snake fart question, I went to medical school for this?!)

Soon, scientists across Twitter were tweeting about the various animals they studied with the #DoesItFart hashtag. University of Alabama Ph.D candidate Nicholas Caruso decided to compile all of the responses in one shared Google spreadsheet.

You can tell some scientists have been BURNED:

Bobcats – “Squirrel-based farts are THE WORST”
Burchell’s zebra – “That’s what they do best”
Domesticated dogs – “Yes, but often takes blame from nearby hominid, Boston Terriers are famous for their farting; known to scare selves with their farts”
Remember that old herring about herring? It’s true. Not only do they fart, they use ’em to communicate.

Birds, rather defensively, can’t fart but “they could if they wanted to”. Of course, of course they could, calm down.

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