creepy furniture – this weird furniture could give you nightmares

Furniture is comfortable, useful and sometimes..a bit drab.  You don’t expect your household furniture to feature in your nightmares.  Someone didn’t tell these designers.

From tables with tentacles to recycled coffin sofas, sleep with one eye open.

These tables have eyes – and 8 legs

Do you felt something tickling your ankles?



It’s a pair of moray eels nibbling at your knees.


Eye of newt, and toe of frog


Coffin couches for eternal comfort

Final resting place?



This furniture is driving me right up the wall

If it starts scuttling along the ceiling, I’m done




Holy crap, that sofa’s on the ceiling



Sofas that swallow you right up


Oh my god, it just left the legs


This man is being massaged into submission by blue bristles


Never getting out of this


There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile…

The outcasts of the furniture factory


This one is making a wish as he glances toward the sky…


Planning the furniture uprising


Or just some furniture to give you nightmares

Oh my god the creepy


A gutsy choice


Goes with the chair, no?


Skitter, skitter, skitter


For some reason, this one scares me the most. Baaaa-fling


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