April 8, Dog Farting Awareness Day. A good day to go on the Dog-Fart Roller Coaster

This dog farting roller coaster gives new meaning to the phrase ‘the wind in my face.’

This dog farting themed roller coaster, well-stocked with realistic dog poop, makes farting noises as visitors pass by.

The Hundeprutterutchebane (“Dog-Fart Switchback”) is a family roller coaster at BonBon-Land in southern Zealand, Denmark.

BonBon-Land was opened in 1992 by a candy maker that specialized in disgusting-sounding candy flavors.

Hundeprutter (“Dog Farts”) were one of the most popular flavors.

Other flavors include seagull droppings, pea diapers and ear wax.

The coaster trains are designed in the shape of a dog named “Henry Dog Fart”.

Riders are taken around a statue of a pooping  Henry the Dog, through a kennel, and past bones and piles of dog poop.

Then, of course, there are the speakers which make dog farting sounds.

Henry the farting dog is also the mascot of the park.

You’ll countless souvenirs of the farting dog  in the park’s gift shop, Paradise.

Poor Henry  looks embarrassed about his lack of control!

You may recognise this expression from home.


Happy Dog Farting Awareness Day!



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