Feast your eyes on Harry Potter sweets, treats and delicacies

Jelly Slugs, cockroach clusters, fizzing whizzbees oh my! Delightful Infographic of Harry Potter sweets and candy has been released by Pottermore.

The names of all of the Harry Potter sweets mentioned in the books are detailed in a recent Pottermore feature.

You’ll drool over the list of delicious delicacies, which are divided into Notable Magical Sweets, Muggle Treats, Joke Treats, cakes, ice creams and all of Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans.

Always wanted to travel to Hogwarts with Harry? Wait until you see what fabulous treats the friends share on each of the seven books’ train journeys.

Not to mention, every single time Harry had cake! From “mountains of cake” to “Nicks Deathday Party Cake”, it seems to take a lot of cake to defeat Voldemort.

Homemade treats made by Hagrid and Mrs. Weasley are not forgotten either. Who could forget Hagrid’s rock cakes?

Kids who love Harry Potter sweets

“Hogwarts students may be training to be powerful witches and wizards, but at the end of the day they are still kids who love sweets,” Pottermore reminds us. “Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastical fancies for Harry and his friends to gobble up, and we’ve documented them all — from the wizarding world to the Muggle world.”

Can you guess which of the Harry Potter books has the sweetest tooth? Here’s the sugary score :

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Midnight feast, anyone?

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