It’s April 24, Pigs in A Blanket Day. Forever more known as Devils on Horseback, Kilted Sausages or Wiener Winks Day

Would you rather pigs in a blanket or oysters in bed?

Why is that cat licking its lips?

The oldest definition of Pigs in a Blanket dates back to the 1800s.

Season some oysters, roll ’em in a slice of bacon and pin together with a toothpick.

Then grill, broil or fry until the bacon is cooked.  Finally, serve hot on toast.

The odd thing about this dish was that the pig was the blanket, rather than being in a blanket!

If serving Pigs in a blanket, see if anyone recognizes its other names: Devils on Horseback, Kilted Sausages or Wiener Winks.

A particular favorite is the rather charming German sausage in a  dressing gown (Würstchen im Schlafrock ).

The longest pigs in a blanket?

The little one is normal size, just for scale

The world’s longest pig in a blanket may have been made by the Food Dudes back in 2011.

It was a custom-made two-foot long Hungarian sausage, wrapped it in bacon, Cheddar cheese, and crescent roll dough.

The entire product was too long for any normal baking dish that he had in his kitchen, so it ended up hanging off the edge of his tray while in the oven.

That’s some food, dudes.

If anyone knows of a larger pig in a blanket, please don’t hog the details!


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