Pokémon Go! Medieval Style. Catcheth those folk all.

Bet you thought that Pokémon first appeared in Japan in the 1990s.

Not so, fartuous knave!

The British Library has revealed that they have already caught them all – in Medieval times.

Pokémon are known for by their strange hybrid appearance, bright coloring and distinctive quirks.

Many medieval manuscripts are filled with similarly fantastical creatures.

These two could be Pokémon Go! Medieval players


Manuscripts have weird and wonderful creatures like this Pokémon-looking little guy


Not to mention hybrids and dragons


Wait. Is the guy in purple hurling a Pokémon Go! Medieval Pokeball?



Pokémon And Other Medieval Beasts

An illustration student, Mary McClain, created a Medieval manuscript called a beastiary for Pokémon.

A bestiary is a illustrated Medieval book of real and imaginary animals.

This being the Middles Ages, there’s usually a pointed moral lesson as well.

Noble Hunt


Putting out Unicorn Fire with Pokeballs


Medieval Poke

Medieval Poke


Another marvellous Medieval catch

Source : Twitter @BLMedieval


Medieval Satan and Pokemon

Medieval people believed in the devil. Remember, if your Pokémon possesses you, get an exorcism and vomit him out.

Source : Twitter @DamienKempf

Read the full wonderful British Museum blog here.

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