These five rituals will help you you shine on Saint Stupid Day, also called April Fool’s Day

The First Church of the Last Laugh convenes for April Fool’s Day to celebrate Saint Stupid, patron Saint of Civilizations and Parking meters.

You should come –  you’re already a member.

According to the Church, what unites us all across colors, creed, nationality, zip code – yea, even beyond beverage preference-  is stupidity.

This yearly San Francisco Rite of Spring event updates the ancient European Feast of Fools and provides some excellent photographs.

Be sure to bring socks for the sock exchange, pennies for the banker’s heart, dead lottery tickets for the Federal Reserve, noise/music makers for the exorcism and a well-dressed sense of absurdity.

To prepare for this most whole-y day, the FCLL provides some do it yourself rituals:

Acknowledge the power of stupid in your life

Hold right-hand palm up in front of face

say the words “that’s the way he would of wanted it….”

then smack palm to forehead

“had he thought of it”


The secret handshake

You’ve heard of the hi five?….we do the hi four,

hand up, palm towards partner,

fold thumb across palm,

slap hi four,

say”Ouch!, we gotta change that”


The leap of faith

A perfect way to restore faith in whatever

in a standing position

close eyes

count to three

jump into the air and have faith that when you come down

the earth will still be there.


Sit in the lap of stupid

(For four or more)

stand in circle hands on shoulders of one in front

sloooowly..keeping balance,

all sit in the lap of the one behind.


The Pledge

(raise your left hand and cross your fingers)

I pledge allegiance, to the illusion,
and to the pyramid scheme,
for which it stands.
One species, in denial,
with error and excess
by all.


For more hilarious (mis)information, visit SaintStupid

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