Kansas high school student converts school locker into soda locker, own personal vending machine

Lockers just aren’t what they used to be…they’re way better. Check out the soda locker.

A Kansas high school student’s use of spare locker space is going viral thanks to a video showing how he built a vending machine..inside his school locker.

Blake Hawkins, 17, a senior at Valley Center High School, posted a video to YouTube showing his chemistry teacher demonstrating the soda locker.

“When I was younger I used to play with Legos and it just built upon itself,” Hawkins told KWCH News

For 75 cents, you could get yourself one of two drinks. In just a few hours everyone knew about it and he was selling six cans per passing period.

Check our how he did it on Instructables.

School administrators made him shut down The Soda Locker because it violates school rules, but he is working on reaching a deal to operate the vending machine with proceeds going to a school club or program.

Hawkins even used the vending machine to ask his girlfriend to prom, a technique sure to win any geek lover’s heart.

Via: UPI

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