Get to the Afterlife faster with smartphone app Umer – No reservations required

Need to organize a funeral on the go?  Use Umer, the smartphone app modeled on Uber.  Umer means “He’s dead” in Russian.

Its developers say the app – to be launched in two months’ time – is designed to make it easier for grief-stricken relatives unfamiliar with the process to arrange the funerals of their nearest and dearest, the website reports. It is modelled on the ride-sharing service Uber, and is even called “Umer” – which is the Russian for “he’s dead”.

According to the app’s website, users will simply be able to type in the deceased’s name, date of death, religion and address. They will then receive options and prices for different cemeteries and funeral directors, a choice between cremation or burial, and options for various gravestones.

“We will not help you survive the loss, but will tell what documents to gather and offer a good choice of burial or cremation”

Automated everything already, except death.

The app owner Dmitry Geranin said:  “I’m actually nervous showing you this. It seems that we have automated everything already, except death. Want to fix”

There’s also plenty of ridicule for the whole idea. “I wonder if there will be any discounts for return customers,” quips one person, while another jokes: “Bring a friend and get a 15% discount.”

Maybe so – the Apple website says app will act as the aggregator: the burial Agency, working with the service, will offer users lower prices in exchange for the increased volume of orders.

Via : BBC News

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