Trump Moth : new species, bigly genitalia, great energy, WINNER!

Called ‘Neopalpa donaldtrumpi’, this tiny endangered moth has been named in honor of president-elect Donald Trump.

The Trump moth is the first species to be named after Trump, though he has been linked with inflatable roosters and the Trumpapillar.

Yellow and white scales on the moth’s head bear an uncanny resemblance to Trump’s signature hairstyle, inspiring the moniker.

The Trump moth is part of the American moth family Gelechiidae, also known as twirler moths.  Twirler moths earned their common name from a habit of twirling in circles when disturbed.

Unique Genitalia

It also has ‘unique genitalia’ which has never before been seen in a male of a similar species.  It’s genital ‘valvae are strongly curved’ with an ‘acute tip,’ according to the study.

Scientists have named new species after “Star Wars” characters, musical icons like Johnny Cash and Beyoncé, and actor Johnny Depp, to name just a few.

President Barack Obama has inspired more species names than any other president — nine in total, including a coral reef fish native to Hawaii, a trapdoor spider and a type of lichen.

Remains to be seen  how Trump feels about this honor: he hasn’t twirled tweeted about it yet.

The moth’s habitat extends from Southern California in the U.S. through Baja California in Mexico.  Yes, the Mexico where Trump is proposing a wall to keep immigrants out.

The question is: will Donald give his namesake a teeny tiny passport?

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