Donald Trump quotes – as a comic book supervillan

An artist is giving President-elect Donald Trump quotes a comic book makeover.  Cartoonist Robert Sikoryak’s work has appeared in “Raw,” The New Yorker and Nickelodeon Magazine.

Unquotable Trump on Tumblr showcases R. Sikoryak’s artistic ability and Trump quotes. From reigning over the land of Ooo in “Adversary Time” to battling the Black Panther in “Black Voter,” each illustration showcases a particularly Trumpish Trump quote.

“The idea occurred to me right before the election,” the New York City-based artist told The Huffington Post. “Trump had said so many outrageous things during his campaign that I wanted to catalog them.” Watch a triumphant Trump, giant-sized, holding a beaten, broken Superman (hero of Truth, Justice, and the American Way) over his head…Eek.

You can find some Trump-themed work below, or on his website, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages.


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