The first lucky viewers saw the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and here’s what they thought

Though the movie isn’t out in theaters yet, Fantastic Beasts recently had its first test screening in Chicago. No spoilers.

Vague invitations were sent out to some lucky Chicago movie buffs for a test screening of a “new action-adventure movie” on Wednesday night.

Chi-town seems to be the right place for Potterheads – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince AND Deathly Hollows Parts 1 & 2 were tested there.

Test screenings are done before movies hit theaters and are used to measure audience reaction.

Often the film that’s shown isn’t completely finished.

Apparently, Fantastic Beasts‘ special effects haven’t been completed yet.

The audience had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) stopping them from spilling any Beastie secrets before the November 18th release.

Well worth it for the opportunity to share in a focus group discussion and survey about Fantastic Beasts with the movies producer (David Heyman) and director (David Yates).

The filmmakers now have three months to polish the film and fix any issues these fans may have with the rough cut.

The scoop about Fantastic Beasts


Mugglenet has the spoiler-free scoop from the bits that have surfaced about the movie :

  1. It is more adult-oriented and interesting to see how adult wizards exist and live in society.

  3. That said, this may also be the funniest movie of all the wizarding world films. The humor worked for the most part, and the audience really enjoyed most of the jokes. There may have even been some hidden adult jokes.

  5. The wizarding world in the United States is much stricter and scarier than Britain’s wizarding world.

  7. Beasts will not disappoint, but they do not steal the show.

  9. Dan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski) and Alison Sudol (Queenie Goldstein) steal the movie with brilliant performances.

  11. It was HIGHLY recommended that viewers know the wizarding world laws and magical nuances before seeing this film. Muggles (sorry… “No-Maj”) will not get any explanations to the magical world.

  13. Newt is fighting a good fight, which makes the fans appreciate the magical beasts.

  15. Finally, our team was not disappointed and said the fans should look forward to a fantastic new film this fall.

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