Mystery Search : Website for Google searches gives you the search results for what the last person searched

Mystery Search may be the best website ever.  It’s definitely the best way to waste your time.  It’s simple: type something in the search engine and you get what the last person searched for.  Make this your risky click of the day.

Reddit users shared what searches they found:


I just got “Text me pictures of Chewbacca” and then a phone number, which I generously did.

I got “Tips to become fully gay in 2017″… I’ll bookmark this.

When you search for “light bulbs” and get “Vagina Tacos: A Cannibals Guide to the Female Reproductive System” that’s enough internet for the day…

Searched “Hello random guy reading this”  Got “GLORIOUS 10 HOURS OF SOVIET NATIONAL ANTHEM”

Input: How to deal with being too handsome.  Output: You are ugly

“Turtle in a turtleneck “.  Never imagined I would find that so funny.

I got “Look behind you.” I’m sitting with my back to a wall, but it still sent shivers down my spine.

“do unicorns think that they’re regular horses cause they can’t see the horn”

“Can I use butter for deoderent? ” Apparently I can.


Click here for Mystery Search and let us know what you get.  Just be aware: because you’ll be searching what the previous person put in, it may be inappropriate, disgusting, disturbing, or may even put you on some government list.

But probably not the government list bit.


H/T: Reddit



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