Get your chimp on – It’s National Gorilla Suit Day
Wear Something Hairy

As all gorilla suit aficionados know, National Gorilla Suit Day is the invention of the late Don Martin.

National Gorilla Suit Day Bounces Back

He was once known as “MAD’s Maddest Artist”.

The holiday featured prominently in his 1963 paperback collection, “Don Martin Bounces Back” in which he told the tale of the Mr. Bestertester’s opposition to the festivities and the carnage that is visited upon him as a result.

Subsequently, Don Martin fans have celebrated National Gorilla Suit Day on January 31.

The story features people in gorilla suits, gorillas in people suits, gorillas in gorilla suits, and some of each in various other disguises!

The National Gorilla Day stuff goes on for an impressive FIFTY-SIX pages.

Here’s a sample.


But who took Martin’s idea and made it a real thing?

It couldn’t really be a conspiracy between the Acme Gorilla-Suit Company and the Ajax Gorilla-Suit Company, could it?

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