Due to budget cuts, navy seals will be replaced by navy otters

Terrorism and
Response units
Be afraid. Be very afraid

Due to budget cuts the Navy SEALs will be replaced by the Navy OTTERs.

Permission to be cute, sir!

Some otterly awful puns

I think this gun is a little too big, can I have the …Otter one!?

Daaaam …. he’s gonna build it

It’s a solid plan. Those otters are very disarming

What if I say I’m not like the otters?

They otter train him better though

They didn’t have many otter choices

If they didn’t have any otter choices, I guess that seals it

I give this my seal of approval, cause I had no otter choice

I hope they know what they’re in fur

Oh look, he’s got a wOtter gun!

Sound otterly far fetched ? Take a look at this!

H/T : Reddit, The Guardian

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