Switzerland offers first country’s ever degree in yodelling
There are no words

Yodele yodele hee hoo!
Yodel for your neighbor


From this year, you can take your yodelling to degree level.


The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is adding yodelling to its Folk Music programme from the autumn.


It will offer both a three-year bachelor’s and a two-year master’s degree in the alpine vocal technique.


Speaking to the Tribune de Genève, Michael Kaufmann, head of the university’s music department, said he had long wanted to offer yodelling but couldn’t find a sufficiently qualified teacher – until now.


Three or four students are expected to be taken on in the first year, with applications opening from February 28th.


Yodelling is one of eight Swiss traditions the government intends to submit to Unesco for inclusion on its ‘intangible heritage’ list.


Others include alpine livestock traditions, watchmaking, and the Helvetica font.


January 30th is Yodel For Your Neighbor Day.


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