Video Games advice to live by – top 36 gems of wisdom on Video Games Advisor

Should video games advice be the world’s most trusted source of wisdom?

Video Game Advisor has become pretty popular since it started enriching our lives in 2014. It has entranced more than 16,000 followers since that time and growing.

It’s the blast of nostalgia you’ve been missing in your twitter feeds.

While some quotes on the timeline are just silly fun, others can be can be really poignant, and some even hit the nail on the head.


As V.G. Advisor told Motherboard :

“You have to appreciate the inherent silliness in getting life advice from a video game,” he said, “and sometimes that means a dolphin in an aviator cap telling you to put fish in your mouth.”

Here’s 35 of Video Games top proverbs for your pleasure.

Video Games Advice on emotions


Video Games Advice on friendship


Video Games practical tips and useful information


Video Games Advice on dating and relationships


Video Games Advice from Mario


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