Will Potter and Malfoy finally be best friends in “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

Scorpius just wants to be friends, says the actor playing Scorpius Malfoy in the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

With just over a week to go before the script goes on sale, hints are starting to trickle down about “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

This boy is friendless, nervous and frankly a bit of an oddball on his first day at Hogwarts.

No, not Harry Potter – or his son, Albus.

We are talking about Scorpius Malfoy

Scorpius grows up alone in the Malfoy mansion, reading about Albus and Harry Potter.

Anthony Boyle seems to have become quite fond of the character he plays, Scorpius Malfoy.

“Suddenly, Albus comes into the (train) carriage, and it’s the first time [Scorpius] has ever socialized with someone from his peer group without a family member or a supervisor there,” Boyle says. “So he has a bit of a panic and just wants to be his friend immediately, and Rose Granger-Weasley doesn’t take too kindly to him. She thinks he’s a bit odd because he is, but Albus quite likes him.”

After drarry, will we have Salbus?

On April Fools Day 2015, Felton posted a nod to fans who ‘ship’ a gay relationship between Potter and Malfoy, known as ‘drarry’.

A photo posted by Tom Felton (@t22felton) on

Posting a photoshopped picture of the pair on Twitter, he wrote: “May as well just say it. We’re together now x #drarry”.

But more fans would just like to see Potter and Malfoy mend their differences

Many Harry Potter fans are secretly hoping for Harry and Draco to be best friends in The Cursed Child.

Harry and his gang DID save Draco’s life not once but twice in the final scenes of the series.

Maybe they could finally let go of their lifelong rivalry through their son’s friendship?



After all, Ron and Draco seem to have made up


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